As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the active and thoughtful leadership of committed volunteers who are personally invested in the Orchestra to guide our mission. Our governance structure includes two groups with fundamental yet distinct purposes, critical to providing engaging musical activities in our community.

Board of Directors

The board of directors plays an active role in strategic thinking, financial and legal oversight, and relationship building for the organization. Their vast experience and passion for serving our community through music are essential in addressing the PSO’s challenges and opportunities. Members serve a three-year, renewable term and meet regularly to discuss the direction of the PSO, ensuring that our resources are most effectively allocated toward the fulfillment of our mission.

Executive Committee

  • Charles Beall
  • Jack Zoesch
    Vice President
  • Kevin Nelson
  • Diane Appleyard

Board of Directors

  • Thomas Bailey
  • Barbara Bruckmann
  • Terry Bryan
  • Venesulia Carr
  • Nan DeStafney
  • Lee Ellis
  • KC Gartman
  • Newell Hutchinson
  • Tad Ihns
  • Ron Jackson
  • Cheryl Knowles
  • Teri Levin
  • Tony McDonald
  • Jock Mobley
  • Peter Mougey
  • Willis Mullet
  • John O’Connor
  • Ed Park
  • Marte Picker
  • Trey Poirier
  • Allen Pote
  • Stephanie Riegle
  • Betty Roberts
  • Jeff Rogers
  • Todd Snyder
  • Jen Bullock Spies
  • Robert Turner
  • Ellen Vinson

Ex Officio

  • Peter Rubardt
    Music Director
  • Bret Barrow
    Executive Director
  • Trisha Woodburn
    Guild President
  • Sonya Davis
    Advisory Council Co-Chair

Advisory Council

Formed in 2017, this group of creative thought partners meet quarterly to provide input about the PSO’s artistic imperatives, audience development, and community engagement. With open discussions and opportunities to engage with our musicians, partners and staff, Advisory Council meetings provide an important space to evaluate the effectiveness of current programs and influence the future direction of the Orchestra.

  • Sonya Davis
  • Nora Bailey
  • Lucy Belk
  • William Belk
  • Carol Cooper
  • Dawn Cooper
  • Bradley ‘Beej’ Davis, Jr.
  • Bet Ellis
  • Jim George
  • Judi George
  • Leslie Ginn
  • Warren Ginn
  • Betsy Greer
  • Judy Holmes
  • Suellen Hudson
  • Maryette Huntinghouse
  • Janet Kahn
  • Suzanne Kahn
  • Cathy Kress
  • Patsy Langhorne
  • Ann Litvak
  • Philomena Madden
  • Don Mason
  • Mary Mason
  • Rita Meyer
  • Kathy Miller
  • Suzanne Riley
  • Larry Schuffman
  • Marcia Schuffman
  • Bob Slaby
  • Gina Thackerson
  • Jonathan Thompson
  • Dona Usry
  • Bradley Vinson
  • Joe Vinson
  • Trisha Woodburn
  • Beverly Zimmern