Subscription Benefits

Whether you subscribe to our Super Series, Masterworks, or Pops, you’ll get the best prices, premium seating, free exchanges, and access to special events.


Subscriptions, or ticket packages, are the easiest and best way to guarantee a great seat to the concerts you most want to attend. The benefits include:

Biggest Savings

Subscribers receive the best price on the best seats, and that includes stellar discounts up to 50% off single ticket prices.

Free & Easy Exchanges

Can’t make it to a concert in your series? We’re happy to exchange your tickets, free of charge, to any available concert this season. Just get your tickets to us the week before the concert, and we’ll take care of it for you.

Best Seats

Subscribers choose their seats before the general public, giving them the best possible selection. Keep your seats for years to come, or be among the first to upgrade your seats for future seasons.

Rehearsal Access

Want a behind-the-scenes view of how a concert comes together? Subscribers are invited to attend any open dress rehearsal to experience the magic.

The best time to subscribe is before the first concert of the season, but we do offer prorated subscription packages.

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